Welcome to Cat Nook Cafe; a place to grab a coffee, reserve time to sit with cats available for adoption, attend events, meet up with friends, relieve stress and increase happiness.

Patrons can book reservations to spend time interacting with cats in the cat lounge or relax in the cat-free cafe. We will also have times where you can meet and spend time with other animals such as dogs and rabbits. You can even host a special event of your own at Cat Nook Cafe!

Why You Should Visit Us

We hope that your visit to the cafe makes you feel great and inspires you to volunteer and advocate for locally rescued pets needing a home. You may even consider fostering or adopting a local homeless pet!

Enjoy a cup of coffee, laugh, attend an event and spend time with our cats. We have incredible volunteers who are proud to support us and we hope you join the pet loving community to promote kindness for animals and each other.

  • Book time to sit and play with cats

Experience what it’s like to enjoy, engage, respect & live with cats

  • Take a break with a beverage and snack

Cat-Free Cafe to watch cats + Grab a coffee & Chat with friends

  • Go to Events and Classes

Host an event, Learn at a fun class, Attend insightful lectures

Cat Yoga | Puppy Play Hour | Bunny Basics| Painting Your Pets | Pop up Art Galleries & More

Visit Us, Book Now