The Cats

The cats at the Cat Nook Cafe are from Animal Coalition of Delaware County (ACDC Rescue), an all-volunteer, 501c3 organization, established in 2004. ACDC Rescue saves LOCAL- Philadelphia region – sick, injured, orphaned and abandoned – cats, dogs, rabbits. ACDc Rescue prides themselves in giving pets a second chance by finding responsible pet owners and lasting forever homes. Through community outreach and pet owner education, ACDC Rescue strives to mitigate animal homelessness and promote kindness for animals and each other!

Meet The Cafe Cats


Female - Light Brown Tabby #18-2596 Born May 2018

I am a social, playful and friendly girl that enjoys the simple things in life like a tin foil ball and a mouse toy. I like to explore, greet your guests, talk to you and be snuggled. I also love to battle the broom while you sweep, sit in windows, and I am a sucker for a new pair of shoes. I'm good with cats, gentle dogs & children.


Female - Gray Tuxedo # 18-2563 Born April 2017

I am a sweet gentle little 7 lb lady that will be the first one to greet you when you come home. I love to brush my face against you waiting patiently for head rubs and give you a loud purr. Belly rubs are much appreciated. You can find me sitting in the window waiting for you or carrying & batting toys. Right now I am waiting for you to fill out an application for me!


Female _Calico #18-2562 Born April 2018

Sweet, fun, confident and chatty - I enjoy life and I'm not afraid to tell you what I want. Some are saying I remind them of a Siamese or Burmese cat and I am taking that as a compliment. Come visit me and help me find a perfect match where I can play and interact with others!


Male gray & White # 18_2602 Born July 2019

I am a sweet boy that is happiest when you play games with me using toys. I got an A+ in learning all the climbing structures at the cafe and in running across the room playing chase with Charlie. I enjoy playing with feline friends and then jumping in your lap to curl up and fall asleep to get rest to do it all over again!

Waffles - ADOPTED!

Male _White with Gray Tabbly Markings #18_2644 Born October 2018

I'm a fun loving, attention seeking little fellow. I am super flexible and ready for anything at a moments notice. After all the fun, a good snuggle is in order. While I've done really well with test scores in foster care, I haven't declared a major yet. Right now, I'm enjoying finding myself while meeting both feline and human friends!

Pancake - ADOPTED!

Male White with Gray Tabby Markings #18_2643 Born October 2018

I'm a handsome, loving guy with big baby blue eyes that will greet your guests and be by your side. I especially love to nuzzle in your hair and will climb high to get a better vantage point.


Male - Orange and White #19-xxxx Born xxx xxxx

I'm your friendly fellow that will greet you and your guests and enjoy meeting new feline buddies. I can be chatty when I need something and I love 3 things: batting around small toys, playing with feline buddies like Waffles and making biscuits on your lap.


Male - Gray and White #19-2655 Born November 2018

I am full of energy and fun - often tumbling and wrestling with my feline friends. After a favorite game of chase and cleaning other feline buddies from head to toe, I seek a human to adore me.


Female - Gray and White #19-2656 Born November 2018

I'm the entertainer - the best at batting puff balls, carrying them around in my mouth and fetching toys. I'm sweet, sweet, sweet and enjoy chasing my sister Trouble and playing with Nala. When playtime is over, I'm almost always curled up with a feline friend!

To be Announced

To Be Announced

Cubby - ADOPTED!

Male - Gray Solid #17-2502 Born Dec 2017

Let's play hide and seek or cuddle for a nap. If you aren't up for either then you can find me following you around or selecting a toy to play with from my toy box. And, if you notice I'm a bit wobbly on my feet, well that is due to a neurological condition that doesn't slow me down or require any special care and it certainly doesn't stop me from playing with my feline buddies!

Charlie - ADOPTED!

Female - Black & White # 18_2601 Born July 2018

I am a happy, sweet little girl with the cutest black and white spots. I love to purr like an engine, meet new people and snuggle. I am an expert at playing with my toys with another young companion. I enjoy exploring and following you around so I don't miss anything. I've been told my cuteness can be distracting when you are trying to doing chores.

Jack-Jack - ADOPTED!

Male Brown Tabby # 18_2597 Born April 2018

I am a gentle and loving boy. I love to purr and cuddle with you. When I am not purring or cuddling with you I live to play with my brother Dash and or my foster friends. I am great with kids. I would love to go to my forever home with my brother Dash or one of my foster friends.


Male White with Tabby Markings #18_2598 Born April 2018

I love to cuddle on your lap and next to you in bed. I purr so loud I can wake my mommy up. I am sweet and playful. I love to play with my brother Jack-Jack or my foster friends. I am also great with kids.

Flurry - ADOPTED!

Female - White & Gray Tabby #17-2452 Born August 2017

Guest Greeter - Adventure seeker - Love to Play with Feline Pals and get snuggle time with you! I am a serious social butterfly and enjoy meeting new people and cats too for playtime! Hope you are willing to give me a belly rub from time to time too.


Female _Black #18-2561 Born April 2018

I am one of the easiest cats to integrate at the cafe because every cat that meets me loves me and I love them too! My favorite pastimes are playing with you and a wand toy, chasing a ball, snuggling with another cat and running to you at feeding time! I'm a gentle little girl that is waiting for you to meet and apply to adopt me.

Piazza - ADOPTED!

Female _ Tortie Polydactyl #18-2547 Born April 2018

Snuggly and very playful.--Piazza is curious and a climber. She has the most amazing comical feet due to her extra toes—that’s why she’s named after a famous baseball catcher! This little Hemingway beauty will definitely steal your heart. Experience with polydactyls or previous cat experience preferred.

Sligo - ADOPTED!

Male - Orange #17-2506 Born Nov 2017

Come see for yourself, I always like to be first... to run to the climb up the cat use the cat OPEN the door! I am handsome, charming, loving and smart! I get along with everyone; cats and people of all ages and types. Lets meet so you can play and snuggle with me and help me find a great home where I can have fun and get lots of love!

Ireland - ADOPTED!

Female - Orange & White #17-2503 Born Nov 2016

I am an affectionate, curious, gentle and super sweet girl that enjoys investigating anything new. I'm also the type to make sure everyone gets along and plays nice and can be seen ensuring that the play style is appropriate among the youngsters. I'm usually lounging at front window front and center, on top, watching over everything!

Dalton - ADOPTED!

Male - Gray & White #18-2548 Born April 2018

Dalton likes to supervise and watch what everyone is doing. He’s a “helper” and one of the “baseball catcher” kittens. Friendly, stinkin’ cute, and adventurous—he’s a definite winner. Throw him some love and he’s sure to “catch” it. If you would like twice the furry fun, consider his sister, Piazza, too. Previous experience with polydactyls or cats preferred.

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