Adopting a Cafe Cat

So, you’ve found someone that you feel is a good match and would like to adopt him/her? Great! We have onsite cat adoption applications that you can fill out right here at the Information Station, located in the cafe. Once your application is complete (please answer every question) we will then forward it to an adoption application processor who will be back in touch with you shortly. However, if you would prefer to fill out an application in the comfort of your own home, not a problem! You can also find our cat adoption applications on our website at: AdoptACat

If you’ve met and fallen in love with a cat during a reserved meeting at the cat cafe lounge and have filled out an application for him/her and it’s approved, you can then meet with one of our specially trained cat café adoption advisors. The advisor will review your application and go over the cat adoption agreement with you. Once all documentation is signed, questions are answered and the adoption fee is received, you may then take your new friend home with you right from the cat café lounge! ***Don’t forget to bring a carrier along with you!

Keeping Cats Happy

The cats have spent time living together in a foster home prior to arriving at the cafe.  The Cat Lounge cats have all been carefully chosen, to make sure they are comfortable living in an environment with a number of other cats and people.  New cats arriving go through a careful and slow introductory period.  Once the cats arrive and are settled-in, they are observed carefully, daily, for any signs of distress and to ensure they are comfortable spending their days snuggling indoors with their playmates - and the kind customers!

All the cats have been especially selected for their friendliness and sociability. And, just like people, some kitties need some downtime.  Our cats have constant access to a private sanctuary, via cat doors on the floor and by climbing the high-level walkways to enter this calm space.  As well as this, there is a wide ledge for the cats to hang out and people-watch from above, where they cannot be pet but they can still enjoy the company of others.

The cat lounge is set up to accommodate the environmental needs of cats by providing multiple and separated key resources: food, water, toileting areas, scratching areas, play areas, and resting or sleeping areas.  This ensures that each cat has sufficient territory to stay happy and secure.  Constant access to the private cat sanctuary area also provides a calm space away from people when they need some time alone.  In addition, the cat lounge etiquette promotes positive human-cat social interactions and there is limited seating with the cats at any one time.  Visitors will need to respect the cats and their unique personalities and will be asked to leave if they are causing any concern.

Keeping it Clean

To keep the cat lounge neat and ready for visitors, our team follows a detailed daily cleaning regime.  In addition, there is an exhaust fan to maintain air quality.

The Cafe area is completely separate from cats, with two separate doors between the cat lounge and the cafe.  You are welcome to enjoy your beverage and food in our cafe before, or after, you visit with the cats.  And, while we do allow you to bring in your drink while visiting with the cats, we ask that you enjoy your food in our Cafe seating area only. Once you open the drink and sit down with the cats, it is your responsibility to keep them cat-free. Our kitties will be well fed and provided water at all times, so they should not show interest in your drink!