Pet Photos With Santa

Cost: $10 per slot, 15 minute increments, one family per time slot

What is included: One 4X6 color photo, each additional printed pose or photo is $4

Please Prepare for Your Appointment:

  • Plan to arrive at your appointment time, no room for late arrivals as we are tightly scheduled.
  • We accept all furry or scaly friends, but furs or scales are not required, we will do family pics with Santa as well.
  • This event is non-refundable if you cannot make your appointment, or miss your appointment. 

100% of Proceeds from this event Benefit the Cat Nook Cafe 

Event tickets, cat lounge visits and other tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you wish to cancel, or do not arrive to your pre-booked spot, your purchase will count as a donation to the Cat Nook Cafe.

Pet Photos with Santa


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