Get Zooming with Cat Yoga

A Virtual Yoga Class with your pets, the Cat Nook Cafe cats and ACDC rescue cats, the instructor and their pets.

Cost: $5 per 1 Hour Class

What is included: 1 Hour Virtual yoga session with your pets at home!

To Prepare Before Class:

  • It is helpful to wear comfortable clothes allowing free movement.
  • Please clear a space in your home that allows for movement and space.
  • Use a yoga mat in your space, grab a hydrating beverage and yoga blocks if you have them to ensure a safer and more comfortable practice.
  • If you have any physical limitations or injuries, consult with your doctor before taking this class.
  • Before the class begins, an email will be sent to you to join the zoom meeting.

Event tickets, and virtual classes are non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you wish to cancel, or do not arrive to your pre-booked spot, your purchase will count as a donation to the Cat Nook Cafe.

All proceeds go to the Cat Nook Cafe!

Zoom Yoga With Cats

From: $10.00

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