Bunny Basics 101

Our Rabbit Department volunteer will discuss rabbit behavior, proper care, and recommended supplies – and offer tips on how to choose (and where to find) the right bunny for your family.

No prior rabbit experience required. 

Rabbits are gentle, affectionate animals who thrive in a calm, attentive home.  And….they have specific needs to keep them healthy and happy!  In this class, you will learn about proper diet, humane housing, social and exercise needs, and much more. Even experienced rabbit owners may learn a few new things!

This Bunny Basics 101 class is open to the public and 100% proceeds directly support Cat Nook Cafe!

Who Should Attend

This program is for humans only; adults and children 7 years and up.  Please leave your own pets at home.

The session is for people who are:

  • Trying to decide if a bunny would be the right pet for their household
  • Interested in learning more about how to properly care for their own rabbit
  • Curious about rabbit behavior, personality traits, and care requirements
  • Researching what would be needed to pet-sit for a rabbit while the owner is away


With ACDC Rescue’s help, Stanley went from being a hungry, scared, abandoned bunny at a wildlife refuge to living a happy life as a much-loved family pet.

What is Included

Each of our rabbit department volunteers has been involved in rabbit rescue and education for over 10 years and has had the pleasure of helping homeless bunnies find loving, responsible homes.  They have also seen how terribly wrong things can go for bunnies that are not cared for properly, so they are committed to helping rabbit owners expand their knowledge and improve their caretaking skills.  Our rabbit volunteers are an amazing source of information, and their vast experience shines through in this interesting, informative, and comprehensive program!

You will be attending the most informative and fun classes possible! We will cover a wide range of rabbit topics, such as: proper diet, veterinary care, exercise needs, socialization, litter training, rabbit proofing, and humane housing.  We’ll share tips on make-it-yourself rabbit toys and recommend good sources for rabbit supplies. You’ll discover how our rabbit experts care for their own bunnies, bust some myths and misunderstandings about pet rabbits, and learn what a “binky” is!  We’ll answer all your questions and send you home with a packet of information that includes recommended online resources.

You book your seat, you arrive, we provide the materials, and then we take you through the basic care of rabbits as pets in your home.  Depending upon available rabbits in foster care and the individual personality of the rabbits, the instructor may bring a rabbit to the class.  If this is the case, please only approach the rabbit when invited to do so by the instructor. Children over the age of 7 are welcome to attend with an adult, as long as they are able to sit quietly throughout the presentation.

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