Play With Cats

Hanging out with cats melts away tension, reduces anxiety and makes you laugh. Each 1-hour Cat Lounge session also promotes animal rescue and supports the adoptable cats that would otherwise be homeless. You can even further help these adoptable cats find a home by taking photos and sharing them with your friends and on social media.

The cat lounge enables the cats, animal lovers, potential adopters, and the staff to interact in a more intimate and social environment. This comfortable environment helps facilitate adoptions to those who may not have considered a shelter animal, while raising community awareness of the homeless pets in the Philadelphia region as well as the compassion, appreciation, respect and responsibility of lifetime pet ownership. It is a great way to expedite a new happy beginning for a homeless pet.

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What To Expect

Our dedicated volunteer staff are committed to providing you with the highest level of service so you can enjoy a unique experience with each visit.

With the help of very committed foster parents, the cats at the cafe are carefully chosen, to make sure they are comfortable living in an environment with a number of other cats and people.  Like people, each cat has their own personality and we hope you enjoy interacting with all of them.

Each Play with Cats hour session includes a 50 minute visit with the cats, the remaining 10 minutes is to check-in and prep for the next group.  Our Cat Lounge Greeter will confirm your booked visit, ensure that you signed the Cat Lounge Release Form and that you agree to abide by the Cat Etiquette for the Lounge.  You will use hand sanitizer before and after you visit with the cats and we hope you have an amazing time during your visit!

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