Puppy Play Group

Get you and your new pup off to a good start. Learn what every human living with a dog should know in 2 hours.

So you got a puppy?  Congratulations!

Welcome into the world of sharing your home and time with one from the canine species.  This puppy class with SoozyPooch has just the right information on how to get you and your new pup off to a good start.

This is a one-time, 2 hour class that will go over vital information that every human living with a dog should know.  Whether you are a first time dog owner or an experienced dog owner, you are sure to learn new things about yourself and your pup!

This Puppy Play Group class is an amazing opportunity that you won’t want to pass up!

You will Learn

  • Dog/human body language and communication
  • Puppy socialization; where puppies learn to interact with other puppies
  • Housebreaking techniques
  • How to handle puppy nipping and rough playing
  • Getting started on basic commands
  • T Touches (massage techniques)
  • The almighty canine hierarchy vs. the human family structure

Want to Play and Learn?

What to Expect

This class is taught by Soozy Pooch: “I know when you and your dog are able share a respectful and trusting relationship you will live a harmonious life together. In order to accomplish this relationship with any living being you must know how to communicate with them. The Soozy Pooch philosophy is to know how to read your dog and know how to respond to get the results you want. Once you learn how to master this and earn each other’s trust, the rest is a piece of cake.” Susan Rosetti aka Soozy Pooch

This class is for puppies 6 months old and UNDER.  Please make sure your puppy has a secure collar and is on a leash.  Your puppy should be up to date with age appropriate vaccinations and be on flea preventative.  The puppy parent must be at least 18 years old to attend the class.

You book the class, you and your pup arrive, and Soozy will guide you through and amazing 2 hours of techniques for you to take home and a ton of fun in the process of learning.

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