Cat Lounge Release Form

Waiver of Liability, Informed Consent Release and Indemnity (“Release”)

While I am on the premises of the Cat Nook Cafe, I agree to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth in this Waiver of Liability, Informed Consent Release and Indemnity form (herein referred to as Release) and to behave in accordance with the Cat Lounge Etiquette rules (as noted below).

As an individual guest, I certify that I am at least 18 years old.  If I am accompanied by minors (individuals who are under the age of 18), I certify that I am at least 21 years old and am responsible for supervising the minor(s), whom I have identified on this Release, and are herein referred to as Accompanying Minors. I have sufficient authority to sign this Release on behalf of the Accompanying Minors and understand that the terms will be binding upon the Accompanying Minor(s) and their parent/guardian(s).

While in the Cat Lounge, I agree to abide by the Cat Lounge Etiquette rules (posted at the cafe and as noted below) and follow all verbal instructions provided by the staff. I will ensure that Accompanying Minors understand all rules and instructions. I understand that I, and any Accompanying Minors, who do not follow the rules and instructions will be required to leave the Cat Nook Cafe and will not be refunded the Cat Lounge visitation fee and services. I also understand that I, and any Accompanying Minors, who opt to leave to leave the Cat Nook Lounge visitation early, will not be refunded any portion of the Cat Lounge visitation fee and services.

I understand that the Cat Nook Cafe staff will provide general oversight of all guest/cat interactions within the Cat Lounge. Staff may encourage interaction with cats, provide suggestions, or directly assist if requested. The Cat NookCafe does not guarantee a specific level of cat/guest interaction, cat behaviors, or exercise total control over all the cats in the Cat Lounge. I understand that cats are inherently unpredictable and any injury or property damage they cause, directly or indirectly, is not the responsibility of Cat Nook Cafe, its owners, rescue groups, volunteers, or and employees.

I accept all risks and waive all rights to sue the Cat Nook Cafe, Animal Coalition of Delaware County, Inc. and/or its owners, affiliates, employees, agents, volunteers, or other involved vendors (herein collectively referred to as Releasees), on behalf of myself and Accompanying Minors, for any claims related to direct or indirect injury or property loss/damage that may occur at the Cat Nook Café. Should I, or anyone acting on my behalf or acting on behalf of Accompanying Minors, challenge the provisions of this Release, I agree that Releasees will not be responsible for paying the plaintiff’s legal fees.

I authorize Releasees to administer first aid for injuries to myself or Accompanying Minors that may occur at the Cat Nook Café. I authorize Releasees to arrange for ambulance transportation, at my own or Accompanying Minors’ parent’s/guardian’s expense, if deemed necessary by Releasees. Releasees make no guarantee or promise to administer first aid or arrange for ambulance transportation.

I acknowledge that surveillance cameras are used in the Cat Nook Cafe. I give permission to be photographed or filmed by Cat Nook Café staff, volunteers, and those acting with its authorization. I give Cat Nook Cafe and ACDC Rescue Inc. permission to copyright, use, and publish pictures or videos of myself and Accompanying Minors, for its own and sponsored organizations, programs and promotional materials. I waive the right to inspect or approve photographs, advertising copy, videos, or printed matter prior to such use.

I agree that this Release is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and that if any provision is held invalid, the other provisions shall remain in full force and effect. I certify that I am of sound mind and body, and understand the terms of this Release, as it pertains to myself and Accompanying Minors, and am agreeing without coercion or intimidation, to be bound by these terms.  I also understand I will be asked to sign this waiver at the cafe.

Cat Lounge Etiquette

We don’t have rules because the Cafe Cats Rule here!

Cat lounge etiquette promotes positive human-cat social interactions.  Visitors must respect the cafe cats and their unique personalities as well as respect other guests.

In short, “Be kind to yourself, all people, pets and situations…that’s it.” – Stephanie Swanton.

By entering our cafe you are agreeing to abide by our cat lounge etiquette and follow instruction when advised by our staff.  We know you will do so, and we know you understand that if a guest does not follow the etiquette, they will be asked to leave and will not be refunded. Like yourself, cat welfare is a serious matter to us.

Thank you for coming and enjoying some time with our cats today!  We know they love your company!